We are focused on improving the Human Condition by finding people meaningful work by providing our expertise in the areas of skills assessment, training, coaching and job placement activities. We believe that an individual's contribution to society can be found in the form of meaningful work; and, this is the basic building block to good self esteem and the ability for people to build strong relationships in the family unit and otherwise.

"Simply stated, our goal here at Career SPAN is to bring you the resources that you need to excel in your Career with confidence, and have more fun while you do it."

Our Careers often Span from our early 20's until our late 60s, and now, sometimes into our late 70s and beyond. A career can easily last 50 plus years these days; and, what we do during this period will determine the quality of our Life during the process, and into and through our retirement.

We often tell people that "Their Career is a lot like a Marathon race: It takes a lot of hard work and perspiration; a good strategy and a plan, and adjustments to unknowns during the race; and, a lot of determination."

Here at Career Span, we want the opportunity to help you prepare for a successful, longer and fun career. Our experts, will share their secrets to success in their respective fields, to significantly shorten your "learning curve" by avoiding set backs and career stopping mistakes in your pursuit of your career goals.

Our Experts will help us prepare emotionally and psychologically for finding and starting a new job; getting the job interview; acing the interview; negotiating the offer; and, excelling in new opportunities or in our current positions. They will also show us how to manage stress; and, the business essentials needed for top performance.



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